When it comes to eating you can either eat to survive or you can eat to enjoy food.  When we take the time to enjoy the food that we consume, we can take an adventure into a worldwide diverse culture that offers more to us than we could ever imagine.  Of course experiencing american cuisine saratoga springs ny is always worth it.  When exploring the tastes and flavors of different cultures, don’t forget some of the greatest dishes America has to offer.


Topping the list of foods that we will eat in America is steak.  Steak comes cows and is a really popular meal to consume.  The way that most Americans eat steak is rare or medium rare.  There is a saying the redder the meat the better it is.  A popular pairing for steak are potatoes and a green vegetable.


Next on the list is chicken.  Chicken is one of the most common meats we will consume.  One of the most popular forms of chicken are chicken wings.  Chicken wings are small bonny pieces of the chicken that used to be thrown away as waste.  One day in Buffalo New York a cook took these pieces that were once thrown away and cooked them up and added some hot sauce and butter to them.  Once people started eating them it was all over.  They became a popular staple in our diet for most people.

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Fish ends the list of popular foods.  Fish is a very healthy food to consume.  High in Omega 3 fatty acids fish is good for the skin and hair and nails.  Having one serving of fish a week helps to keep us healthy.  Some popular fish are salmon and trout.  One of the most popular ways to eat fish is with butter or tartar sauce.

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