The health movements in America and around the world have followed a unique track over the past several decades.  With the introduction of shakes, supplements and protein fx bars many now have the ability to add supplemental protein and vitamins to our diet that would otherwise go overlooked.

protein fx bars

Meal Replacement

Many people will use these bars as a meal replacement.  This is a good option, however it should not be relied upon for all meals.  Eating a balanced diet of regular foods will do you better than eating these bars.  You should only rely on supplement and protein bars as an added boost to your diet not a supplement.

Workout Fuel

Protein bars and shakes are great to have when engaging in a workout or other exercise.  Thirty minutes before you start your exercise you will want to consume one of these bars.  This will allow it to break down into your system giving you that burst of energy at the right point.  Also, protein builds muscles.  When we consume them before a workout, we are encouraging our bodies to burn fat and build muscle, which is what we are trying to achieve.

Healthy snack choice

More often than not we choose to consume junk as part of our diet.  A bag of chips here, a few cookies there are okay but to rely on them is not a way to eat.  Switching some of these snack choices for something healthier will fill you up, give you energy and keep you from crashing halfway through your day. 

Break them up into other foods

Consuming thee bars as is will keep you motivated and enjoying your meal.  However, if you take these bars and break them up into yogurt, fat free ice cream or other combinations will make them just as if not more enjoyable to consume.  If the thought of eating yet another protein bar isn’t appealing then consider adding them to other foods for a change of taste!

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