european specialty foods

By this time of your life, you already know this much about your family’s history. No matter how many generations you care to go back, you are all descended from the Old Continent. But if not and you’re descended all the way from Africa or the Far East, that’s also something to be proud of. And it’s still a proud feeling knowing that you are still very much part of the New World. One of the finest things about everyone’s cultural heritage comes from the traditional foods they are fond of at mealtimes.

And it is interesting to note the multicultural influences as well. For instance, a veal cutlet infused with a modest portion of organic side greens fresh from the Tuscan Valley would not be complete without a generous helping of noodles or pasta shells. The Chinese invented that, not the Italians. Just ask Marco Polo. And would there be cross border raids across the Iberian Peninsula in which case the men and women would want to get a share of the one common feast that they are all so fond of?

Not for nothing is it called the ocean’s harvest. And the seafood variation is popular for the paella pot made famous by the Spanish. You’ve been enjoying your hotdogs and burgers for howsoever long now? Not time to refine your meaty tastes perhaps? Step back into the Bavarian countryside and take a chunky bite out of your bratwurst sausage, just one of a number of european specialty foods on order, with a good dash of mustard, not forgetting the sauerkraut which is actually quite good for your digestive system.

But not too much now hey! Different harvests of olive oils made famous all across the continent. Not just good to taste but good for your skin as well.