There are a lot of different types of live entertainment that we can enjoy.  When taking part in this type of entertainment we are supporting actors and actresses in their craft.  Unlike recorded video where mistakes are edited out, special effects are added and everything happens exactly as we want ti to be seen, a live performance is much more satisfying and enjoyable.  Here are some different forms of live entertainment you might want to consider.

Theater in the park

Theater in the park is a great way to see live entertainers sing, dance and perform a play in a live open setting.  These are typically done in New York or other major cities.  When going to a park you can just find the best spot and sit yourself down.


Similar to theater in the park a concert is where you can see people perform live.  With concerts however, you are more than likely to hear music over acting and performing.

dinner theater fort myers

Theater trains and other mobile performances

There are a lot of different options when it comes to mobile performances.  Many of these will be combined into a dinner theater fort myers where guests will experience a show, live performance and a great meal.  In these types of performances, you will typically be given a mystery or other type of interactive performances where the guests will be asked to participate in the evening, giving everyone a unique experience.

Dress properly

When taking part in these live performances you want to dress properly.  In most cases casual dress will be appropriate but for other events you may want to dress a little more professionally.  If you are going to be outside for any length of time, consider wearing a jacket, long sleeves and pants. 

Have fun

When going out on the town for a live show, you want to have fun.  When you have fun, engage in the show and really take advantage of everything, you and everyone else will enjoy the evening that much more.